Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good Images Even Better

I'm a big fan of photoshop. I really think that you can take a great image and make it even better in photoshop. Some photos just need a little boost while others, you can make into a really incredible piece of art. This is what I mean....

In this first series of images, you can see the original photo. It's not bad at all but it could look alot better. I enhanced those beautiful blue eyes and increased the contrast to make the color come to life. This is what I would call a "real life" image, still looks like baby "W". The third image is enhanced even more and cropped so it's not as "real" looking but it'a great picture.

This picture of Ashley has been posted before but this is another good example. The first photo is good but could use a little something. I smoothed out her complextion and added darkened edges (aka burned adges). I like it so that's my little boost. But Ashley looks really stricking in this shot so it's a great one to try some artsy looks with. So that last one, she obviously doesn't look like that so I call it "art".
See photoshop is fun! As I learn new tricks, I like to go back to old photos and try some of them out.

This is my niece, Toni. She's gorgeous right?! The original was good but this is after I played around with it in photoshop and I think it turned out nice.

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