Saturday, April 12, 2008

Playing Around

I got the camera out tonight to take some random shots of the kids doing what they do. This first one is my charming 2 year old. See, he does like me to take his "picture, picture".

The next one is my oldest and this photo was taken without his permission. I wanted to do his portraits this weekend. He told me no, he wants to wait until after the 23rd when he will actually be 10 years old. No early photos for him. I thought I could make up for doing the baby's 1 year session two weeks late. Guess not. That's o.k. he needs a haircut anyway.

And this last one is the baby. She looks thrilled that I tried to get her attention away from her toys, right?! Oh well, it could be worse.

Yes, I do have 4 kids and there's only 3 photos posted. Lucky for me (and the rest of us) my 8 year old daughter is having a GS sleepover at the NH Museum tonight. YEAH! Oh, I mean, I sure miss her and can't wait to pick her up at 7 A.M.

So anyway, when the 10 year old actually turns 10 and he allows the session to take place, I'll post some!

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The Wades said...

If only they would all have a sleep over at the same time. Wouldn't that be nice?