Sunday, June 22, 2008

Baby Emergency

Have you ever heard that you should never give honey to a baby? Well I have. I just couldn't remember WHY you shouldn't give honey to a baby.

So anyway, tonight we went out to eat at a mexican restaurant and we had fried ice cream for dessert.

After I had shared a few bites with my baby, my hubby says something about the honey. "WHAT? This has honey? Are you sure?"

So I take another bite and yep, it's honey. And then, I instantly burst into tears. You never give honey to a baby! But I can't remember why!

I'm feeling the need to rush home and check the internet for the reason to why you should never give honey to a baby.

Apparently something to do with bacteria and honey can cause infant botulism. That can cause death! But the guidelines say for babies under 12 months. She's now 15 months old, is she safe?

Does she look lethargic?

Does she look like her muscle tone is poor?

I THINK she's o.k.


The Wades said...

I'm sure she's just fine. (I bet it's largest doses of honey anyway.) Too cute!

me said...

tammy ,it is only fresh honey like straight from the bees, by the time we get it in the store it has been processed some how to make it last in the jar. ( i did the same freak-out with caitlin)

Regina said...

never knew not to give honey to babes. perhaps i shouldnt have any more babes if i dont know such things.