Friday, June 20, 2008

Great Mom

My new favorite photo shows you exactly how great a Mother I am. Here's my baby and she's covered in mud. She's also crying for me to put down the camera and open the door for her.

But if I open the door, she'll get mud and dirt inside the house. And I won't get the cute picture. So I made her suffer a bit.

What's worse parenting, the fact that my 1 year old is naked and covered in mud? Or that I won't help her because I'm too busy trying to take her picture?


The Wades said...

I see no problem with either. Mud is good for the skin, she's getting all kinds of tactile stimuli, what fun, and of course you need to take that picture. You would be a bad mother if you did not take the picture! She'll want to see how cute she was later. Carry on!

Regina said...

wow if those are reasons for being a bad mom, call social services on me cuz i am horrible!

Kristina said...

Yeah I know I would have done the exact same thing. One day she will thank you just not on this day!