Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dirt Fun

My backyard is the most exciting backyard for kids to play in the whole state! How many different things can you do in dirt?

I don't know but baby likes to get covered head to TOE! Ha ha. I really think that's because she likes her baths so much, she's just making sure I'll give her one.

And of course there's the very fun bucket. Who can resist sitting in a dirt filled bucket?

I bought this bucket as a way to organize the outdoor toys. They didn't agree with my plan and found a much better use for it. (See other post below of 2 year old in same bucket!)

I found these cute little dirt diggers at the dollar store and they were a hit. "Yeah, MORE dirt digging toys!" 'Cause we definately don't have enough of those.

Yep, making sure she's covered head to toe.

Now doesn't this look like fun?! I think they're trying to dig to China. Are they out of dirt ideas yet?

Well of course there's always the Superman if you're not in the mood for dirt.

So do you feel sorry for my punks that they don't have nice soft grass to play on? Yeah, well maybe one of these days 'Landscape The Backyard' will make it to the top of the To Do list. In the meantime....

Superman baby!


The Wades said...

I don't see them complaining. Looks like fun. We have grass and our children spend the vast majority of their time up digging in the dirt!

me said...

your right dirt is the most fun, why are there no weeds growing?!! here there would be one million random shape weeds and grass and flowers, it would be gross not fun. for anyone including me who must mow it.