Friday, July 25, 2008

Good Lookin' Family

Sorry it's so late getting these posted. I have lots of excuses! :)
Anyway, here's more sneak peek photos from this session.
I love how their son is just doing his own thing in this shot. Very three.

Love this one.

Cute family!

He was throwing whatever he could find into the water. What fun!

I didn't get a chance to even look at photos today, but I'll let you know as soon as the proofing is ready to go! Enjoy these few shots.


Nicole said...

oh, how nice of you! I NEVER look at my "photo" blog...I haven't given it much attention. But I popped over there today and saw your comment. I really love photography, but haven't done any commissioned work. So, it hasn't been lucrative yet, but maybe someday. Thank you for your encouragement. How did you find my blog? And I can't wait to take a peak at yours!

The Wades said...

Those pictures came out great! Hi Natalie--love ya! :)