Monday, July 21, 2008

He's Back!

I loaded up the kids today and we headed to the airport!

Daddy was coming home and the kids were really excited!

This little guy was running through the airport screaming, "I'm looking for my Daddy!"

She got the first hug! (But I spotted him first and decided to pick up the camera)

He found his Daddy!

She wore the t-shirt that Daddy brought for her on his last visit.

So sweet, she missed Daddy too.

Yeah Daddy!


Natalie said...

Soooo Sweet Tammy. I can't wait to meet with you tomorrow. Hopefully we will be able to capture some beautiful sights from our "home".

Mitch said...

Tammy, the pictures are great, only wish you could come out next time I travel and capture Shirley and the kids when I get home :(

Great pictures! The kids have gotten BIG!