Monday, August 11, 2008

Birthday Adventure

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!
She's NINE!
Yesterday we had what I'll call her birthday adventure. All week I had been telling her that we would be going out for the day, just us, no boys. But I didn't tell her where we were going or what we would be doing. So... when she was getting ready in the morning I told her that she would have a few decisions to make. And of course, I couldn't tell her because it was a surprise!

We get in the car and the first decision I presented to her... "What color?" She chose her favorite, green. We stopped for drinks and she had to get a green drink, just to throw her off a little.

Her real first surprise was that we were getting our nails done. She was so excited, she has been wanting to do this since she got her first taste of this kind of pampering last December! So "what color"... what color do you want your nails painted?

She chose a french manicure with a green jewel.

After we got back in the car the next decision... "Hot or cold?"

Hot or Cold lunch that is. She chose hot but changed her mind once she saw what it meant. Hot pizza or a cold sub sandwich. I got the same.

The next one was really fun. I have to give a little back story first. She has been asking all week if for her birthday, we could go to Limited Too. Well also in the last year, every time she would pass Build-A-Bear she would whine and sometimes even cry that she never gets to go there. So anyway, these two stores happen to be right across the mall hall from each other.

Her next decision? "Right or Left?"

As we approached these two stores, she realized what right or left meant and was very excited. She started screaming "left, left, left". I guess it wasn't a hard decision.

Picking out the right bear and accessories wasn't as easy of a decision for her though. She's happy with the decisions she's made so far. Her bear is "Miley" of course.

Next decision... "Now or later". But I did explain this one to her a little more than that. She knew that Grandmom and Granddad were sending money for a specific present they wanted her to have. Earlier in the week she had said that she wanted to save their present for her actual birthday. So "now or later" meant do you still want the surprise present later, tomorrow. Or now, before we head home.

She chose now. And of course she chose the green one!

This was on our way home she was playing with my camera. You should see all the bear pictures I have! Anyway, I didn't bring my beloved 5D. I brought my old rebel, which I now call my "point-n-shoot".

This was her older brothers "amazing" creation that he made for her. Give that kid a box, tape and scissors and he's happy!

She didn't want to hurt my feelings, but her favorite present... the bike from Grandmom and Granddad!

Happy Birthday!

Hope your day is great!


Myrna said...

What a great time you two had, thanks for sharing Grace's birthday adventure. She will treasure the memory for all her life. We sent her a card, wish it was more, I love her so much.

The Wades said...

What fun! I cannot wait to copy this entire idea. (I just hope I remember it when the time rolls around.) She'll remember that fun bday forever!

Love that picture she took. cute.

Happy bday, Grace. :)

Regina said...

mmmm dions