Monday, August 4, 2008

Have I mentioned...

how much I LOVE photoshop? I've been taking photos of the boys practicing all week and I've slowly started to go through them to pick out ones I really like.

This one, I almost skipped over...

But then I noticed how I really liked how the one boy looking in my direction was in focus while the other boys are racing by in all their cool blurriness. But I thought the photo could use a little something.

So I ran this action on it and I love it!

And I also thought it would be cool to see it in b&w.

I just have to say, I hope you're in the mood for football pics because you'll be seeing a lot of those on my blog in the next couple of months! I will be doing sessions and sneaking those in here too, though. Enjoy!

1 comment:

The Wades said...

i need actions! i need actions! i must get with the program and learn (and buy) photoshop.

those shots were great.