Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Announcement

Hadley's announcement photos have been chosen so I can finally post some of my favorites without spoiling the announcement. After those are ordered and sent out, I'll post that so all my readers can see those too! :)
I love this one. It was the only one I took like this because she pooped on my backdrop! Mo says it looks like she's floating in space.


The cute new family. Doesn't Hadley look so comfortable?

Hadley in my new cocoon, love it!

Yum! Yum!

The new Mommy.

The new Daddy.


The royal baby. Thanks Mo and Jeff for buying that couch for me to use as a prop, it looks great! :)


The sweet life.

"Hanging" out with Mom.

I love this one.

Too funny!

There's the popeye look again. She wasn't in the mood to curl up for me. Poor Daddy was a little nervous about this one.

Hadley's family.


Bridget said...

what a gorgeous family!!! I love those are good

The Wades said...

you are such a stud muffin!!! my favorite is the cocoon--but i also adore the rest! GREAT pictures. which did she choose? it it one you're not showing us? i think you should email it to me. who would i tell??? ;)