Wednesday, October 1, 2008

9 year portraits

O.k. so my daughter turned 9 in August and I still haven't done her official portraits. Hey, it's not my fault her birthday is right smack in the middle of football craziness. Anyway.
I had the perfect excuse to get her out just to take pictures. A lens! A friend let me borrow her 50mm and I'm in love.
Is it Christmas yet? Is Santa listening? I WANT a canon 50 mm f1.4 or can I say NEED?
Of course she doesn't need any excuse to get in front of my lens. She loves to model for me.

Trying out a new lens was fun for her.

But I'm sure she'll be behind the camera very soon. She knows where the good light is.

She has her own pose ideas.

She has good ideas for props... this slanted tree.

She also likes to try different shooting angles.

She likes to goof off too. We had fun. Love the lens. Love the pictures we got.

Thanks Bethany! :)


Myrna said...

I just love the photos!! Grace is a beautiful model. Wow I want one of those 50mm lens too and a camera to go with
Wonderful shots!!

The Wades said...

awesome as always! grace looks beautiful.

gotta get me a new lens. soon. real soon.