Friday, October 17, 2008

Done... for now.

I finished going through all the photos from last weekend's "model party". I love too many of the photos, so lucky for you, there's lots to look at.

My friend, Bethany working her magic with some of the kids.

I had a lot of fun with this shoot so thanks everyone for participating! Email me if you're interested in joining us the next time we do something like this.
I'm off to bed, I have a HUGE weekend of family sessions ahead of me.


Natalie said...

These are so cool Tammy. I loved seeing some familiar faces too! I love the way the bold colors popped out, kinda like Warhol pop art. Very cool, these kids looked like they were out of a tv show or magazine. Seems like Bethany and you are exchanging inspiration.

The Wades said...

This look like magazing pictures! There are so many great ones. I really am interested in doing it next time--just not during pumpkin stand time.

Speaking of, a photographer brought a bride and groom to the pumpkin stand on the way to their reception for some shots. It was great.


The Wades said...

Sorry Natalie. I didn't see how she wrote the magazine thing. I wasn't trying to steal her idea--it must be true!

The Wades said...

XYZPDQ!!! ;)