Friday, October 10, 2008

photographer fun

My friend, Bethany ( a fellow photog... ) and I have been looking for some cool shooting locations. So we dragged my oldest with us yesterday and found this place...

Had to take this one. It's fun shooting with another photog.
Cool shots right?


The Wades said...

really cool shots. what a handsome boy and cool locale.

Nicole said...

Hi! I think I am the "slacking-est" photography blogger around. I just went to my "photography blog" (a sorry excuse for a blog, really) and saw a comment from you there. I'm not even sure how you found it, but THANK YOU for your very nice encouragement. Photography sure is loads of fun and I think I might be a little obsessive about it.

I haven't "technically" started a business, but with all the requests for photoshoots and my time becoming more minimal with my own little ones, I've begun to charge, but not much. I'm so intimidated to go there! Anyway, you were very nice to leave a comment about some not very good shots! Love your site. Keep up the good work!