Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spoiler (Albuquerque Newborn Photographer)

Spoiler Alert! If you are friends and/or family of Maureen and Jeff and an announcement has not yet arrived in your mailbox... do not scroll down! Really you have to see it in person first.

So just to make sure for those that have gigantic computer screens don't accidentally see anything without even having to scroll down...

Here's my little man. I started his 3 year portraits this morning. I say started because I still want to try to get some really good ones. You see, the 3 year portrait is an important one for Grandmom. Ever since we did "white" portraits when my oldest niece was 3 years old, she needs to have ALL her grandkids white portraits done at 3. It looks really nice in her dining room.

So here's my first session with him. I actually got lots of good ones but I'm only posting one for now....

In my personal opinion, he's too cute! He was so good for me. Anytime he even thought about acting like a 3 year old... I bribed him. All I had to say was "candy" and he was back to posing and smiling for me.

And now for the main event...

Introducing Hadley's announcement. Wish you could see them in person. They're folded 5x7 cards done on watercolor paper. Gorgeous. I modeled it after a sample I had seen from the lab.

This is the front. (the fold is at the top)

This is the middle... One with parents and one with best friend.

And the back. Bright blue eyed baby girl.

Thank you Mo and Jeff for letting me do Hadley's announcements, I hope you like them as much as I do.


The Wades said...

they really are beyond gorgeous!!! loving them! i want to be your student!!!!


nicola said...

I've got it on my fridge! She's beautiful and her parents aren't so bad either. XO