Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cold Fun

All 4 kids got wheels this Christmas (bikes and cozy coupes) and have been wanting to take them outside. But it's COLD! So they're only outside for a few minutes at a time before they come in with red noses and complaining.

But I too have been wanting to get outside to play. I got a new lens for Christmas. So I made them come outside with me for about 3 minutes, really 3 minutes only. Before I chickened out and came back inside complaining, it's cold out there!

Here's a few of my 3 year old that I managed to get in the 3 minutes. I'll post some of the girls later...

Hope your kids are having fun on their break too!

1 comment:

Bethany Dawn Burns said...

Yea! Your new lens is awesome. The second and fourth are my favorites. Sooooooooo cute!