Thursday, January 8, 2009

Downside (Albuquerque Baby Photographer)

There is a downside to having a sister for a photographer. Yeah, you may get unlimited sessions for close to nothing... BUT you have to WAIT. I took these 3 month session photos of my niece, Hadley over a month ago. And, yes, I'm just now getting around to editing them.

"WHAT?! How dare you put your paying clients before ME!"

"Is she allowed to do that?"

" I mean look how cute I am... Why would she just lose me on her hard drive?"

"I was the perfect subject for her. Look at me doing tummy time!"

"I even let her do as many outfit changes as she wanted."

"Don't ever dump me on your hard drive again... Or I'll spit up on you!"
Now the next two photos are not Hadley, obviously. But they are from the same session. Let me explain. These two little girls are the daughters of photographers... myself and my friend Bethany. (Bethany was here taking pictures of Hadley too.) Anyway, these two have a magnet in the BACK of their head for the camera. The completely IGNORE their Mommies when the camera comes out. However, they weren't so sure about seeing their Mommies have so much fun taking pictures of the cute little Hadley. They decided to crash our session and actually face the camera. Who knew? Next time I need my baby's portraits done, I'll need to do a session not about her. :)



Jeff, Mo and Hadley said...

I love it! I love it! I looooove it!

Jody Cooper Photography said...

She is beautiful! I love how you do the eyes!

Bethany Dawn Burns said...

Those are all so cute!