Monday, January 5, 2009


... that's where our Friend Max (aka Santa) is now! He was in the hospital having surgery on his big heart and he's already home. My kids, especially my older daughter are hoping he gets back to feeling great really soon. :)

And this is Max's youngest...

I stuck this picture in here, so I can send him a warning... Look out, my monster is coming to join you in school. Please warn the others! :)


Bethany Dawn Burns said...

Great picture of the kids with Max and I love the one you took of his son too, so cute! :)

The Wades said...

I LOVE both those pictures! You're too sweet. :)

Deuce is starting??!! That's exciting stuff. Don't worry--Grant is the fourth child over here. He can hold his own. ;) Maybe they can both hold Mrs. Lindsey's pocket or sit on her lap.

We LOVED dinner. Really, truly! My mom even came over and enjoyed. Thanks so much for doing that.