Saturday, May 9, 2009

A few more (Albuquerque Photographer)

Photoshop + just for fun photos = house work is never going to get done!

These are from last month, when Bethany and I took the boys out. We were just trying to see of we liked this spot. Anyway, I had a little fun in photoshop with them...

This first one has a lomo action on it. I totally think it rocks, love that action.

This one has a midnight action on it, I think it's pretty cool.

And this last one, is the seventies action.


Bethany Dawn Burns said...

Quit using my real name already, LOL! Anyways I like the first one but the one where I am laughing...i look so dumb!!!

Jeff, Mo and Hadley said...

Very Cool! "B" you are way too pretty...BLAH!

Bethany Dawn Burns said...

Craig stole the first one off your website to put on his phone,LOL! I saw it on there today and I was like "what!"