Monday, October 5, 2009

Friends (Albuquerque Family Photographer)

Continued from yesterday... this is my best friend, Bethany's family. I took a lot of pictures so I guess I have to share a lot too!

These first two are continued from yesterday's post... we asked little "S" to give her Daddy a kiss. And boy, did she ever! She grabbed his face, kissed him long enough for me to get a few frames and then pushed him away! Too funny!

This is "N" and he was so good for the entire shoot while we tried to wrangle his sister. He deserves his bribe reward! :)
I LOVE this family shot... I think it may be a new favorite...
I just think this one is hilarious!
And this last one.... I love, love, love it...
Are they not the most gorgeous family ever?! Enjoy!


bethany dawn burns said...

So cute! I love them all...I am glad you posted the funny one where Sierra is pinching Craig's nose and Noah is doing the crazy dance. That one made me laugh for about an hour!!!

Like I said, if you can photograph my crazy family {OK I am actually just referring to Sierra here,LOL} then you can photograph any family in Albuquerque. Thank you.


monique said...

Totally beautiful! Great job!

The Wades said...

Yeah, they really are! Every single one of them looks fantastic. What a great gift you two give to each other with these gorgeous images.

The shot of the two of them--steamy stuff!

nicola said...

Great pictures as usual! What a gorgeous family too!

brianna saban said...

look hot HOT bethany and her hubbs are together!!!
i LOVE these tammy.
great job.

the one of their heads laying down side by side is SO PERFECT and sexy.



Kevin said...

I must have died and gone to heaven!! This has to be the most beautiful family ever! I feel humbled and unworthy to gaze upon such beauty. I get a sense of inner peace and serenity when I look upon the artistry of these life-changing images. GREAT JOB!!

amy said...

who is that HOTTIE girl??? these are GORGEOUS tammy!! every last stinkin one of 'em! GREAT job dude!