Thursday, November 19, 2009

Working (Albuquerque Newborn Photographer)

I'm working on a few sessions right now, so I thought I would give a little peek at what I'm doing.

This sweet 10 day old newborns portraits are almost ready for her gallery...

And little "M"s gallery is actually already up but I had to share these two... love her face!

AND, an awesome session from Oahu, Hawaii! This is one of five boys of a very good friend of mine. I was able to visit them while I was on my Hawaii vacation... many more of them to come when I have them all ready!


Ellen said...

Precious! I love your creamy colors and the light in their eyes - great job!!

hcrjfrandall said...

Love the processing on little "M"'s pics. What a cutie. I bet Hawaii was a blast..the colors are great in the last one!

ashley folkema said...

Precious little baby and adorable kids!