Thursday, April 17, 2008


O.k. somthing I think is very interesting is the eye color of my kids. I have 4 kids so you would think that at least two of them would have the same color or at least the same color as myself or my husband, right? Wrong. In this family of six, we all have different color eyes.
My husband has brown eyes, but they're more of a light milky brown. I have green eyes, but they're more of a light grayish, blueish green.
Now here are the kids...

His eyes are green, with a weird light yellow thing going on.

Her eyes are brown like Daddy's but a little darker. They have kind of a reddish tint to them.

Now this little guy, I don't know where he came from. His eyes are SO DARK! They are brown. But most days you can't see where the color ends and the black pupil begins.

And the baby... Her eyes are blue. Kinda. They are starting to look more grey with a teeny tiny hint of green. My oldest kid and I both had blue eyes as a baby. So maybe hers will turn out to be like one of ours. Or not.

I think it's weird but interesting. It's funny too because my husband, who is very scientific and whatever, has been proved wrong. He was telling me when I was pregnant with baby #1, that it was not possible for the baby to have any other eye color than brown like his because he has the dominate brown eye gene, blah, blah, blah. Well wasn't he surprised when we had not one but two blue eyed babies. He he he.


Regina said...

hey, i know (some of) those kids. the baby is adorable! hope all is well...ill be sure to check back in now that i know you are 'here'!

The Wades said...

EYE think they're adorable!