Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Practice! Practice!

My kids are such good sports about letting me use them for practice. My oldest daughter loves when she's asked to "model".

Anyway, I have an upcoming evening wedding where I might what to do some sunset silhouette shots. Not what I usually do in children's portraits. So I wanted to practice those skills last night.

Originally I asked my daughter to wear one of her flow-y skirts but when it was time to go she wasn't feeling well. I almost gave up on the plan for the night when I thought I'll just make my not yet 10 year old do it. Well it was his brilliant idea to wear his cool helmet and bring his bike.

What a smart kid!

So I got my practice in on that one. Next!

While I'm finally getting back outdoors for sessions, I've been stuck using artificial light too much lately. So I got a new lense not long ago and really haven't played around with it much in natural light. I also wanted to practice that with this new lense. For this practice session I didn't ask for the model's permission. I just stuck her in front of the back door with a couple of toys and went to work.

My model did very well, don't you think? And it was fun for me too!


Sun´s Blog said...
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Tammy Staley said...

Sorry to "Sun" and my other blog readers. I deleted her post by mistake, I saw that it was in German and wasn't sure what it said.

So this is what Sun's post read...

Supersüß! gefallen mir sehr gut die Bilder!

and this is the English translation...

Super confectionery! Like me very well the images!

Again, I'm sorry. I overreacted! :)

The Wades said...

You're a stud! Teach me! Teach me! Those pictures are great. And hello to all of you checking in from Europe. :)

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