Sunday, May 4, 2008

10 Year Portrait

So I did take the photos right around his 10th birthday but I'm just now getting to them and ready to post a couple that we like. These are some that I think are cool for his "official portrait" but I'm not sure what Grandmom will think. Maybe not traditional enough for her.

Anyway, this one both my husband and I agree is very cool. I envisioned this one first so I purposely overexposed it so that I could play with it in photoshop. I'm happy.

This one, I really like but my husband... not so much. I like it because when I look at this photo I see him. If I just walked up to him, this might be a look he would give me.

This one is his real smile, no cheesy smile for the camera kind of smile. Plus I like the log in the background.

I don't know why I like this one. I just do.

This last one is another look that he would actually give me if I had just called his name. My husband likes the lighting in this one.

So what do you think? Appropriate for official portrait? Which one do you like?


The Wades said...

I cannot make a decision. If it was me picking, I'd take them all! That's what I do. That's how I roll!

He looks so handsome. Great shots!

nicole said...

tammy, i love looking at your site, your kids are great are so cute and your work is great, i woule pick the second pic also. i hear what you mean by it being "them" I thik only a mom gets that though! sorry to have waited so long to post.
nicole connarton