Thursday, May 1, 2008


This was a session I did this past weekend. These kids are so cute and fun and full of energy! It was so easy, they must've been bribed. That's great, bribery is good for photography, it makes everyone happy.

Is she a pretty girl, or what. She was so willing to participate and try different looks.

This little guy must have really wanted the bribe reward, he was so smiley! Everytime I turned around he was smiling for the camera. I got lots of great shots of him.

And this sweet boy was on the go! He was having so much fun playing, lots of energy. I think he appreciated that I didn't make him sit still and say "cheese"!

And do you think I could've gotten a shot like this if I had asked him to say the dreaded "cheese"?!

Thanks to Mom and Dad for bringing your kids to play with me, it was lots of fun. :)


The Wades said...

Good job being the fun photographer! It looks like that little guy had a great time!

Another great session. It seems to be a trend with you! :)

The Wades said...

Update already! :)