Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My nephew

These photos are of my nephew. My sister is not the best at sending out photos of her kids. SO my Mom asked if I would take his photo when we were all together in Dallas this past weekend. She wants lots of photos of her grandkids, and considering that I have half her grandkids and the other two practically live with her she has plenty of photos of them. But not this punk.

So oldest grandson punk and I went around the hotel to find some good spots for photos. This is close to our room in the hallway near a big window.

The rest were done outside on a patio. So these were some that I liked. We'll see what Grandmom thinks. :)


The Wades said...

I feels so good to be back reading blogs! Lovin' all your recent work! Love ya

The Wades said...

i'm getting to know these pictures of your nephew really, really well. ;) love