Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Are you ready...

For some FOOTBALL! It's a Monday night party!

And Tuesday...and Wednesday.... and Thursday... and Friday... and Saturday.

So YAFL football and cheer has officially started this week for my kids, which means we all have to go every single day (except Sunday) until games begin mid-August. Then when games start we get two whole days off each week!

There he is, getting right back into things. He's squatting (?) at the dummy. Black sleeveless shirt.

Different camera angle.

Hand on his helmet. ??

Laps. The boys LOVE doing laps!

Daddy's baby girl. See we're ALL there.

Baby with a friend/cheerleader.

Walking on a hill isn't as easy as it looks.

First day of cheerleading practice, ever! She's excited.

First attempt at a "russian jump". Not too bad. Yeah, yeah I know, it's blurry.

In case you were wondering, this is what a russian jump should look like. This cute, young girl volunteered to help the girls learn some moves. She's been cheering since 6th grade and she's now in college. I think I'm old!

Entertaining herself because I trapped her in there.

And this little guy just goes exploring everywhere and I'm constantly having to look for him. So much for watching the other two practice.

So I'll see you in a couple of months when we come up for air. Just kidding, I'll be around. Maybe.

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The Wades said...

I think G's form looks great! I cannot imagine trying such a move myself! Love the picture of Daddy and baby!