Thursday, July 31, 2008

Her view point

This is football practice from a one year old's view point...
Trapped again... must entertain myself.

O.k. this really isn't any fun.

Please let me out of here!

Yeah, Daddy got here and set me free!

I'm getting as far away from that stroller as I can.

Don't I look much cuter without that big blue thing attached to me?!

Daddy is so fun. Mom just sticks me in that stroller thing.

Ah, freedom.

Wait a minute...

Why does he get to have all the fun?

Well Baby, he's two and has figured out that there is life beyond the stroller. Mom can only have one kid running around at a time... until Daddy shows up to help watch these punks. Terrible twos screams bloody murder if I even think about trapping him in a stroller. So sorry kiddo, it's you that has to be trapped. Until your Daddy shows up. Or unless you want to talk to this punk and convince him to stay in one spot for more than ten seconds.

Good luck with that one.


The Wades said...

Grant has been in I's shoes more times than I can count! It really is nice when you can trap them and know at least one is safe! Cute pictures. :)

Myrna said...

I just love your blog!!
I copy all the pictures of my grandchildren that I can get. You should include some photos of yourself in here too. You are a very beautiful woman. Looks like fun but sooo hot being outdoors everyday at practice and I remember chasing kids. I used to put a child harness on 2yr old Kevin with a long cord to keep him in the shade and safe when we went fishing and worse yet he would run into the streets and under store counters, whew...some thought it was cruel but he stayed safe and I had a long lead so he was able to explore but I could sit near him in the shade without running so,bet he dont even remember it.