Thursday, July 3, 2008

More random

Terrible two's and I went out in the front yard tonight for a little while. Baby was sleeping, the rain was gone, it was nice and cool and the sun was about to set. So we were out there hanging out with the rocks.
This is another I have no idea what it is plant in my yard. So I took it's photo.

This is terrible twos showing me that he found a bolt in the rocks. He was happy about that.

Yeah! He finally looked at me for a shot. But get that plug out of your mouth!

Thank you, that's much better.

This one I love because of the color. You can tell the time of day by looking at that one.

Yep, this would be that lighting I was just talking about.

Enjoy the randomness!

Oh and one more thing. Readers, you should definitely leave comments!

Thank you Michelle for your faithful comments.

Everyone else, I know you're there, I have site meter! So leave some comments already. Pretty Please! :)


The Wades said...

You are more than welcome. My pleasure. Now start being more faithful on mine!!! ;)

Enjoyed your randomness. Don't worry about the plug--I'm sure Barb can break him of that. Are you still sending him? I'm still debating.

Sunset picture was awesome.

The Wades said...

love the sunset pic!!
regina signed in as michelle