Friday, July 4, 2008


Today I'm posting about Ava and her family. Ava's mom is a AMAZING photographer in Australia. Tragically she lost 3 year old , Ava in a preventable accident. was created to bring awareness. If you have or know anyone who has or cares for young children, please take the time to read about Superprincess Ava.

Ava's mom also has a blog She has beautiful pictures on there but she also writes quite a bit about her children and about her feelings over losing Ava. It is incredibly heartbreaking. If you decide to read her blog in addition to Ava's sites, be prepared to have tissues handy.
Make sure kids know to NEVER go in a car without an adult. Make it one of their rules. Flush the toilet after you potty, put your dirty dishes in the sink, never go to the car without an adult.

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