Saturday, July 5, 2008

The NEW Drama Queen

Well it seems my 8 year old daughter has officially been dethroned! Baby of the family is taking over the title and making sure everyone knows.

HELP.....MEEEEEEEEEE! What do you think you're doing knocking me over while I'm playing at the bottom of the slide!

Now you better help me up because there's no way I can get up on my own!

Come on! Help me up already.

You're doing it wrong! Use your muscles. I shouldn't be expected to help myself.

Look, are you going to help me OR NOT?!

Whatever! I'll do it myself.

Do you really expect me to move? Why does he have to play on the slide anyway?

How rude!

I have no idea why I'm crying now. Just because I can. Now put down the camera and HOLD ME!

Hey you! I WANT MILK!

I CAN NOT believe that you chose to pick up your camera instead of my bottle! Let me throw myself on the floor.

Oh wait. I forgot I wasn't on nice fluffy carpet. This sand thing is so not cool.

This is not a good look for me. Wipe it off already!

Hold on! I've found something else to cry about.

I don't know why I'm crying now. Aren't you the one that's supposed to figure that out?!

That terrible twos thing is a LIE people! It starts about 18 months and lasts until... adulthood?

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