Monday, August 25, 2008


I photographed the "L" family this past weekend. What a good looking family.
They wanted this shot, I like it too.

They're so fun. This isn't even all of them. They have two older children too, but they live out of state with their spouses. Maybe next time they're all in town I can get the whole gang!

Gorgeous girls alert! They can not be in high school already, where has the time gone?

Love this one! I think it's my favorite.

Call me corny, but I think it kinda tells a story. The girls are old enough now to take care of themselves but Mom and Dad are still right there keeping an eye out.

Enjoy your sneak peek!


Natalie said...

I love these! I have been wondering when I would see some photos of them. Great photos Tammy, but I think this good lookin' fam was easy to get shots of.

The Wades said...

Love love them!!! :) Great pictures, great people.

Regina said...

yeah, i agree, i LOVE the last one!
wow you are like a real photographer. i remember when you were first starting out and offered to take the preschool pics.
you are really really good!!