Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Fans

The sidelines at football are just as cool as what's going on on the field. The boys (and girls) have so many fans!

He was helping out with keeping the boys hydrated!

He was there to watch his brother... and he plays too for a younger division. I hear he's pretty good! :)

And of course, there's tons of cute little sisters around!

He was also helping out with the water for the players.

Dedicated families. Dedicated fans.

The young ones are out there too, braving the heat and the sun!

Wanna share that turkey leg?

O.k. o.k. you can get out of your prison!

Even the grandparents come out to support the boys! It's so great to see so much family support, the boys love it.

I told ya I would let you of your prison!

Thanks to all the fans (FAMILY) for coming out to cheer on the boys!