Thursday, July 2, 2009

Handmade (Albuquerque Childrens Photographer)

I'm working on editing the wedding photos but I have to take a break from that to share some handmade goodies.
First is the gorgeous newborn hats made by my friend, Kristina. I love them so much, thank you Kristina. I can't wait to get a newborn to try these out on. Unfortunately I don't have a newborn on the books for a few weeks. :( I guess I'll have to be patient.

Next up, are the outfits that I made for Kristina's daughter, Bethany's daughter and my own little stinker. Bethany has been admiring these styles online and I told her we should just make them ourselves. So we went to Hip Stitch in Albuquerque and found beautiful fabrics. We really had a hard time choosing. While we were there we found out that Hip Stitch is owned by 3 moms just trying to run a successful business in something they love... hey that sounds familiar, right Bethany. So i f you're in the need of fabric, go check them out.


Bethany Dawn Burns said...

Oh my gosh, the hats Kristina made are so beautiful!!! And...I love the photos of all the GORGEOUS handmade outfits you made! Looks like candy. (love the one of Sierra jumping) I can't wait to take photos of the girls in them. You and Kristina are so talented!

Kristina said...

I too LOVE the outfits.....let me know when we are doing the shoot. Thanks guys!!

Jeff, Mo and Hadley said...

Those outfits are AWESOME!! the hats are tooo cute!

The Wades said...

Beautiful pictures of adorably beautiful outfits! Geez, Tammy--stop hogging all the talent!

Love these.